People ask...what kind of massage are we trained in ?

We learned Traditonal Thai Massage at Wat Po Temple

Wat Po Budhist Temple In Thailand trains Massage on the temple grounds at:

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School

Being the base of Thai Medicine, Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School at the Wat Po Temple in Thailand, was opened in 1955 inside Wat Po. It is the first Thai Medical School under the approval of Thai Ministry of Education.

The school presently offers 4 basic courses of Thai Medicine that are Thai Pharmacy, Thai medical practice, Thai Midwife Nurse and Thai Massage.

Wat Po is acknowledged worldwide and the school's original Thai Traditional Massage treatment and training course that is sometimes referred to as Wat Po massage. A large number of Thai and foreign students that graduate from the school participate in Thai Massage as well as enter into the spa business all over the world.

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